How do I get my past love back?

Hi, I have tried many spells in the past over the internet. Up to the present nothing has worked My situation is that I’m in love with a woman who is unhappily married. She loved me at one time but called it off because she was worried that her lawyer and unfaithful husband may find out. How do I rekindle her love and get her back? Kind Regards, Colin

Merry Meet Colin,
It is unfortunate that the person you love is unhappily married. However, for all purposes, she is not available. I know it is difficult to understand why she is not yours, but it is up to her to break up the relationship if she wants to. Working on a spell to bring her back will not enable you to be happy because forcing any issue only bring bad karma to our life.
You may try to contact her, but make sure that you do not force the issue. Meanwhile, continue on your life focusing on getting a better job or buying a new house, etc. Always have goals so that your mind will not wander to your missing friend. When she is ready, she may come to you, but until then, do not do anything to make it happen or you will definitely hear from the Universe and it will not be good news, I can guarantee that.
When we love someone who is married to another, the best thing to do is to wait until this person is ready to come to you. If you try to cut short the duration, you may lose your love forever. If you can contact her, ask her if she really loves you. If she says yes, then be ready to wait for her.
Brightest Blessings

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