How do I get rid of the woman who works with my boyfriend?

Hi my name is Rachel and I need to know how to get rid of this women who works with my boyfriend she knows he has me but she keeps asking him how he’s doing and what I get so up set about is how he keeps telling me he don’t have nothen for her but he tells her everything I say or do, he has even run me off over her plz help ty

Merry Meet Rachel,
It is indeed sad that your boyfriend is very “friendly” to this woman who works with him. The best thing for you to do is to talk to him. A good heart-to-heart will do you both good. I am sure that your boyfriend has no idea what you are going through.
Sometimes this may work out without your help. If you are constantly thinking and worrying about this problem, it may be a good or see a counselor who can advise you on what to do for yourself. If you have talked to your boyfriend about your worries and he continues to do the same, it is time for you to decide if he is worth it.
Sometimes, the Universe shows us a glimpse of our future. Maybe your boyfriend is worth it. Or maybe your boyfriend is showing you a little of what the future holds for you. If he is ignoring your worries and prefers to listen you the friend and not you, it is time you took up the reins and decided what to do with YOUR life.
Twenty years from now, if you want to be happily married with an honest, loving husband and a few children, are you sure this is the one for you? Does he look like your knight in shining armor? There are approximately the same number of males and females in this Universe. Make sure that this one is for you or not.
Brightest Blessings

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