How do I get some money quickly?

HiRose, its me Maureen and here is my question my boyfriend is in afgan.and I want him to come home. Now he is not in the us army he is the australia’s pritve army which is contacted to the us army.Now for him to get out early he needs to have 1500.00 dollars and he can’t get his money from his benfis until he gets out. Is there a spell I can do to help him get the money he needs to get out, Please help

Merry Meet Maureen,
It is wonderful to hear from you that your boyfriend is in Afghanistan. I am sure it is a lonely time for you now. Well, let us see what we can do to remedy that situation. If you are completely sure that getting 1500 dollars will allow him to come home. There is a way to get an axact amount of money so long as you use it only for that situation. Here it it:
Basil Exact Sum Spell
This spell will get you the money you need. For this spell, you will need a paper and pen, essential oil of Basil, one medium flower pot that can be placed inside the home, enough earth to go into the pot to plant the basil, marigold, thyme, rosemary or some sturdy cactus plants.
Step 1: Now that you know the exact sum of money you need to get your boyfriend away from war and to come home to peace, write down this amount on a piece of paper.
Step 2: On the paper in which you wrote the sum, drizzle some of the essential oil of Basil. The power of this fantastic botanical will invite prosperity to your home. Fold the paper once and then fold it again.
Step 3: Prepare the pot and fill it with the earth almost to half height. Make a small hole in the center and bury the folded paper in it. Pat the earth down and add more to fill up the pot. For more power use dirt from the crossroads if you can.
Step 4: Now start planting money-attracting plants in the pot such as marigolds, basil, thyme, rosemary, cactus or any other plants that are known to increase our prosperity.
Brightest Blessings

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