How do I get started in Wicca, even on kidney dialysis?

Hi, I just wanted to write and ask you how can I get started learning the way of Wicca. I m a 26 yr old man still living with my mom and the big reason why is – I am on kidney dialysis. I ve been on it 10 yrs now and its really and pain to live like this. I just want to make my life better because I have a boy on the way into this world and I want to be able to provide the things that he needs please if you can help me out let me know.

Rhoderick I recommend reading ”Wicca for one” by Raymond Buckland. You might also want to check out pretty much anything by Scott Cunningham. Most of what you’re going to need to make your life better is acceptance and a good attitude. While reading about wicca, you might also want to hook up with other people on dialysis. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of meeting other young people who feel the restriction s of having to go to dialysis every other day.

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