How Do I Hide Something?

how to hide something?

Hello there my dear, So, you are wanting to know how to hide something? I am guessing you are not simply talking about putting an object in an obscure location and leaving it where no one will likely find it then? No, I would guess that you are, instead, actually asking for a manner in which to hide something via magic…. I think you are confusing the concepts of magic with those of prestidigitation… or as it is more commonly called, stage magic. Stage magic is all about deception, misdirection, and illusion. It is meant to entertain and amuse and leave people with a light hearted sense of wonder and awe, while at the same time making them question and peak their curiosity. And really, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I love a good stage magic show as much as anyone… whether it is someone like Penn and Teller catching a bullet or a busker out on the mall pulling doves from his hat. There is a lot of fun to be had with that type of illusory entertainment. However, that is not the type of magic that I, or other witches of the faith, practice… at least most of us don’t. I suppose there might be a few that practice both types of magic… but that is somewhat beside the point that I am making here…. The type of magics that I discuss here are much more about focusing and channeling the energies of the universe into a productive and beneficial manner that will, hopefully, aid either yourself or another in some endeavor upon which you are engaged upon or striving towards. And so entreating those energies for such trivial parole tricks would be careless and thoughtless at best… and very potentially dangerous at worst.

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3 Responses to “How Do I Hide Something?”

  1. Terri says:

    I wonder if she was wondering how to hide something that she doesn’t want other to know or see, not parlor magic.

  2. Zenna says:

    someone asks you in there time of need “how do you hide something” do you think of stage magic first off? I don’t. I think she’s sick of her parents or obnoxious siblings, roommates, whatever.., finding all his/her magic gear and giving them crap, because no one is enlightened anymore. Because it looks like intelligence and happiness isn’t in fashion right now.. But, as usual, “Rose Ariadne” takes it and doesn’t help, but uses it to be pompous and opinionated.

  3. yurizel says:

    I agree, it’s obvious that ‘stage magic’ is not in question here lol.
    A bit of advice though, I work in an office with quite a few people, and when I bring something I’d like undisturbed, I charm it so that when someone not looking for specifically finds it, it emanates uninterest.
    plenty of people have seen my odd knickknacks, but upon seeing them, they aren’t interested and don’t ask and soon forget ^^

    So I would look into charms and enchantments that rather than hide, either cause a lack of intrest in those who just stumble upon them, or those that avert attention when found but not saught specifically.

    I hope that may have helped!!

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