How do I know if a spell works or not?

I got a spel from you that said burn garlic,carnations,brown sugar and powder suger , i want to know how do you know if it works or not

Merry Meet. Knowing that something will happen is called intuition. All of us have it to some extent. Just imagine, if people didn’t dream, nothing would have been achieved. Imagine the Wright Brothers, when they first talked about flying. People laughed at them and called them stupid, maybe even worse. They however, persisted and used every minute of their lives to dream, to act and to achieve. Now, when we get on a plane, nobody laughs.. Why? because they know that people can go up in the air, fly through it and reach their destination. It always takes human beings some time to visualize our future. But when we do, and when we believe in it with such intense feeling, it will happen. In a way, a spell is like that. We, our thoughts, our wishes, our dreams – make spells happen! Call it magick, call it a miracle, call it our inborn powers, but manifest it will, in our future and sometimes in our presence. In the earlier days when the Earth was young, everyone believed in our powers to heal others, help others and to create whatever we wished to see in our lives. As time went by, people who wished to control others, told us that we were powerless, that we should not use our will power, but surrender everything to an invisible but judging authority. And people believed it, and followed these teachings and forgot that they were magickal and stopped believing in themselves. They started believing in an entitiy that didn’t exist. They forgot that they were capable of amazing things! Your spell will work only when you believe in it. If you are doubtful about the outcome of a spell, do not do it, it won’t work. If you really wish a spell to work, see it in your imagination, feel it, taste it and create it with your mind. The stronger your mind, the deeper your imagination and the more awareness you put into your intention, the faster your wish will be manifested in your life! Brightest Blessings.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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