How do I know if he loves me, in spite of breaking up over every little thing?

Dear Rose I have an question on how i can find out if someone really loves me or not. i really need help as he says he does but he has alwys said it and then something happens and we break up

Merry Meet, Seeker!

Mmmm! I’m afraid he is either emotionally VERY immature or deluding himself that he is in love with you or perhaps simply insincere. This cannot be easy for you at all to be on a relationship rodeo all the time.

If he is simply immature, you need to do some soul searching. Are you prepared to put up with this indefinitely? Are you prepared to mother him? And are you prepared to break your back to keep him indulged? If not, let him go!

If he merely thinks he is in love with you, then perhaps you need to let him go anyway – to find his own truth. Once he does, you may have the opportunity to have a more balanced relationship.

To find out if he is sincere and whether he is not just using you, do the following:

Place two basil leaves on the fire. You are represented by the left hand basil leaf and he is by the one on the right. If his burns out before you, he is insincere. Remember to meditate on this before you ask the question. Also say the following incantation before placing the leaves on the fire: “Little plant of basil green, show me what is yet unseen. If sincere he will resist – in spite of fire he will persist.”

Whatever the result, my dear, you must remember that you need to love yourself too. Loving yourself means avoiding abuse – physically, emotionally and mentally.

May the Goddess help you find the clarity you seek and bless your way forward.

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. manu says:

    how to find out whether he loves me or is realy dificult to survive

  2. Love More says:

    I found this post very interesting as I write on the same topic. The basil leaf test I must say is quite different, but unique. I agree with Rosa that It might be time to let go until he can get himself together mental and spiritually. To persue the relationship in this state will be a lost cause.

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