How do I know when my spell will work?

I did a candle love spell that is supposed to work in 7 days, but I’m not sure it’s going to work (it’s the 7th day now). How do I know if it’s going to work, or how much longer it will take?

You answered your own question. If you’re not sure that it’s going to work, it won’t. 90 percent of magick is intention, and if you don’t KNOW that your spells will work, you remove the intention. It’s supposed to work in seven days according to who? I hope you didn’t spend good money on it. Time is so relevant Seven days by whose calendar?

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  1. firefly says:

    why do you count the days? If you take Roses mini course she teaches cast your spell and get on with day to day life, I cast two spells for friends and they worked immediatley, I cast another and it took longer. Sometimes a spell works in a different way than you expect it to maybe what you want isn’t meant to be? If you spellcast without self belief then you’re wasting your time. I take up to a week to prepare a spell if I didn’t think it would work why bother? Believe in the magik in you and you are sure to succeed blessed be Firefly

  2. Art says:

    You go to the kitchen…put some water in a pot..put it on the stove,turn the fire on and you walk away to do something else. Why did you walk away? Why did you not stay there and MAKE SURE the water came to a boil? ANSWER: Because you KNOW that you don’t have to…you KNOW that the water WILL come to a boil. You must likewise believe.
    Considering “love spells” always consider too proper ethics and not to violate the free will of others.

  3. frances says:

    how do i know a good luck spell work and a business inpossible worked?

  4. KriSTINA says:

    Are they any spells for people to forgive?

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