How do I learn Magick?

hi rose, i am lachu from INDIA … i really i am diying to learn magicka ….when i asked my mother she just asked me are u insane..but i dont care…PLEASE I WANT TO LEARN …I VISITED MANY WEBSITES … none gave me the answer …i hope you would teach me without any fee…i dont have much money to pay you :( :( :( :( my mom is getting sick of me ! :( PLEASE …is this real or not ?? umm okay but i believe in you ..please teach me

Merry Meet Lachu,
You have come to the correct place. If you check out you will find a lot of spells and answers to many questions in life. Of course, there is an easy way to learn Witchcraft. Just read through most of the questions and answers and you will find that Wicca is a wonderful religion that is attracting more and more people to it without the uncomfortable style of proselytizing or other severe religious propaganda.
Since you are in India, there are many examples of Witchcraft that is performed there every day. It is the world “Witch” that makes some people in India afraid since they don’t realize that the word “witch” means “wise” a long time ago. This was when there were only country religions and no commercial or enterprice religions like we have now. Then the new religions need to get themselves established and so they tried their very best to destroy every other way of life that existed in those times. So do not get worried about the world “Witch”. You may use the word “Pujari” instead.
Ask your mother if she has ever seen a puja where the pujari cleanses the area, clears up the surrounding, throw thulsi water to cleanse the area, light lamps and incense and chant mantras? Yup, that is Witchcraft. NO difference!
Try to make your parents understand. Ask them to get a book of Witchcraft and see how many similarities exist between Hinduism and Witchcraft. If your family is open minded and can think for themselves, you may find all of you sitting together and comparing notes about rituals, cleansing and other similar concepts that many religions have.
Only when we open our hearts do we understand that most or all of the civilizations in the world came from the same source and may also go back to the same source. So why fight and argue about something we all experience albeit in different colors or languages? Let us find what is common among us so that we can all rejoice and come to the same goal in life without hurting anyone else.
Brightest Blessings

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