How do I learn more about Witchcraft?

Hello Rose! Im Heather, obviously, and I really wanted to get some information about witchcraft and such. I’ve always been drawn to such things but never brave enough to ask questions until now. I would really like to know more about how to get started; I understand the concepts but the thing I am confused about are the different kinds of magikal practices such as voodoo, rootworkers, hoodoo, Wicca and such. I’m trying to do a bit of research and I’m probably asking the wrong questions but I’m just not sure ! Do I need to research every one to find what works for me? I know my question is confusing but so am I! I’ve also heard of vampyre magik and things like that but not sure how to go about finding what works for me. If you could suggest any books or information to help I would be very appreciative; or if u don’t have an answer for me could u suggest someone to email? Thanks for your time! -heather

Merry Meet Heather, It is wonderful to hear that you are interested in Witchcraft. You are correct – there is so much information about all the different types of Witchcraft. There is a lot of variety and freedom in this theological science because no one person discovered it or owns it. Every part of the world has its own style of Witchcraft. And that is a wonderful thing. Unlike religions like Christianity, Islam, etc which were founded by one person or another, Witchcraft developed naturally, from the messages that the Universe itself gave us.Witchcraft is an umbrella term and encompasses a large variety of faiths in many countries around the globe. Some religions tried to defame it and to scare people. However, due to the innate goodness and inspiration of Witchcraft, most of its followers (who were not destroyed by the church) continues to follow this amazing path. Wicca, a line of Witchcraft, has become an accepted and legalized religion. This was made purposely so that the government can protect us in case the craziness of the religions zealots get out of control again. In countries where all religions thrive, Wicca is also protected from other religious nuts who cause rampant destruction in the name of God (!!). As most of the world believes now, Africa was the cradle of civilization. That is where Voodoo was born. When the colonists tried their best to convert the natives of Africa, people resisted and so the only way the oppressors could “gain” was by defaming Voodoo and other African Witchcraft practices. Voodoo is similar to Reiki; it was used for long distance healing. Society consists of people with benevolent minds and people with malevolent (dangerous, destructive, angry) minds. One can only hope that the two balance each other or that the good people prevail at all times. All forms or faiths as well as religions have their inspiring and destructive groups. We have to make our choices and live by them. Hope this helps you find out more about the differnt types of Witchcraft. The more knowledgeable you are, the better your choice will be. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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