How do I learn psychokinesis?

ive never done witch craft before and i was just wondering how i can make thinks move like with my mind and see what i can do how do i do this ? i love witch craft please help

jean harris

Merry Meet, Jean!

Thank you for your question.

Before answering it, I just want to remove a misconception I noticed in your letter to me. Witchcraft and psychokinesis are – strictly speaking – not related in any way.

Psychokinesis is a technique of mind over matter through invisible means. Examples of Psychokinesis are movements of objects, bending of metals, and determining the outcome of events. It can occur spontaneously and deliberately which indicates it is both an unconscious and conscious process.

Witchcraft is an earth- and nature based religion, where both Goddess and God are worshipped. Witches celebrate all Nature’s cycles in honor of Deity. These celebrations are referred to as Sabbaths and Esbaths. During these celebrations, witches pay tribute to Deity, commemorate the occasion and perform works of Magick. Whilst the working of magick could be seen as a form of psychokinesis, it should not be viewed exclusively as such.

Mastering the skill of psychokinesis is not within everybody’s reach. One of the most famous people of all times on the psychokinesis front is Uri Geller. He has a website, you may want to visit: On this site, you will find 8 articles and 4 books on the subject. The one book in particular, entitled Uri Geller’s Mind-power Kit  published by Virgin Publishing, may be particularly helpful in developing the technique of psychokinesis.

Good luck with learning this skill, Jean.

Brightest Blessings!

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5 Responses to “How do I learn psychokinesis?”

  1. Shadow (band name) says:

    Hello there! I would like to ask you a few things but to be purely honest im farely new on the topic and im studying more on it. I just wanna know what the whole idea behind witchcraft is. I know its to understand Nature and all of our surroundings but is that a general statistic or is there something else to keep in mind? Like i said im fairly knew in this kind of thing.

  2. Silvana says:

    Didn’t Uri Geller admit that he uses tricks?

  3. ivan says:

    Actually Uri Geller was asked to appear on some show, i don’t remember which one exactly.
    Anyways, the host of the show told the whole t.v. crew not to let Uri and his people near the trick setup [He had to guess in which cup the ball was or something like that.] So when the host asked Uri to find the ball in the cup, Uri kept replying “I’m not feeling it today.”, but no one grew suspicion. I’m not sure if he admitted that it was tricks.

  4. marc saguban says:

    how to develop telekinesis

  5. nila says:

    its very interesting to read the above ! Already i have read about URI and his super power.Now am also wish to learn Psychokinesis!

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