How do I let his spirit rest?

People say that i have the spirit of a boy i know who killed himself. They say he keeps apoligizing to me for not knowing me any better. I wish to communicate with him and for him to communicate with me i need your help i want to forgive him and let him rest but i would enjoy his presance what can i do to get in touch with him?

Do you feel the presence of this young man near you?  Is there a place that you feel closest to him or his memory?

Start in a place where you feel close to him or where you feel safe and secure. Then, you must cast a protection on yourself, in case this is something unsafe pretending to be the young man you knew.

Once the protection is safely in place around you, call him to you. This is not like a real summoning, but more like calling out to a friend. Address him by name and tell him that you wish to speak with him

You can do this out loud or just by thinking very clearly the thoughts you wish him to hear. Thank him for his interest in your life and happiness and wish him peace. Remind him of the good things you remember about him and if you had good times with him, quietly meditate on those things so that he can enjoy the memory as well.

If you become uncomfortabel at any time in this process, draw your protective magics in closer around you and tell him that he is making you uncomfortable. If he is the spirti you believe him to be, you should feel him withdraw to a place that makes you comfortable.

Finally, tell the young man that you have appreciated his company and that if he chooses to stay, so long as he respects your comfort and safety, you will allow him to stay. But, you should also offer him the opportunity to be at peace. Then, leave the decision up to him.

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