How do I magickally undo a curse?

At present, I am experiencing difficulty as the result of a curse or several curses.? I was wondering if you would be kind enough to direct me to a very powerful ritual to undo a curse?

Curses work because we let them, and believe in them. no one has the power to curse you without your permission, on some level. If you truly believe that you are cursed, it probably has to do with feelings of guilt. Try this; Remember that the more strongly you believe, the more powerful the curse is. Visualize a white light starting in your tummy and spreading out all around you, as a protective shield against the ill will that someone has wished on you, and then burn out the curse by turning in a circle with a black candle. (Black is for banishing) Remember to never blast the curse back at whoever sent it, your karma will be affected as well, as whatever we send out we get back threefold.

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  1. lily says:

    Dear Rose: Great name from another flower in the garden of Life. I survived a ritual curse in August of 2006. A brazilian sorceress attacked my family, conjured my man, my son almost committed suicide and I ended up in jail. I didn’t believe in evil and did many spiritual things. Everything in my life went terribly wrong and then I was sent demons, one which pierced my heart. AT that moment a Voice told me to turn on the Light and put a mirror over my chest. The evil that went coursing through my body began to recede and I was directed to place a mirror in the window to keep this demon out. Then a few months later, the same Voice directed me to a series of books called the I AM discourses, where my journey to remove this witch and all those like her began. I found a decree that basically says, GOD SEND YOUR AVENGING ANGELS TO SEEK OUT, SEIZE, BIND AND REMOVE ALL BLACK MAGICIANS, THEIR EMISSARIES AND CLAWS, EMBODIED OR DISEMBODIED, DRIVE, DRIVE DRIVE AND BIND ALL THEIR EVIL BACK INTO THEM, UNTIL IT BURNS THE DEVIL OUT OF THEM, IN ONE MIGHTY STROKE WITH FULL POWER UNTIL THEY CAN NEVER CREATE EVIL IN THIS UNIVERSE AGAIN. AND MAKE THEM KNOW WHAT IT IS FOR. COMPEL IT TO TAKE ITS TOLL IN THEIR OWN BRAINS AND BODIES AND NO WHERE ELSE AND COMPEL ALL THEIR EVIL AND ALL INTENDED THROUGH IT TO DESTORY ITSELF, CAUSE, EFFECT, RECORD AND MEMORY…AND REPLACE IT WITH YOUR HEAVEN ON EARTH. I THANK THEE IT IS DONE.


  2. lily says:

    The I AM discourse are from the Saint Germain Foundation and have decrees for protection and how to drive and bind all evil back into the brain and body of its cause. I hope this helps everyone that needs it. God bless you.

  3. fahad shamim says:

    i need ur help maam two years ago i had some problems i was in my house in emirates when i heard a voice that asked me to read i read physics instead and they taught me something related to good or evil and how that is called politics maybe i was tryin to act like something i wasnt and thats what lead to it , i nearl;y lost control of my mind , i went down to the united states as i was only in emirates for the vacation i go to this house of this man named abul azeem who has cursed me before by blowing air on my head and he ran outside his house and voices started fooling me that someone has done vooodoo on u i was scared i said take my heart to heaven and they took my heart they also put like a cross in my brain that crosss went down to my heart i hope there isnt anything blocked in my heart now, i have lost control of my head.. also some ppl in the united states were controlling me this neighbour of mine that lived downstairs almost killed me i also saw a pin put on my door of the houise from the outside could u plz tellme what that means , they put a pin in my house which i removed …ive been sick and frightened ever since .. i worked for this place magic island and three in the morning i was in my car and i saw like this place open up and this guy namely AJ that i worked for put a snake into my brain.. im back in emirates now , the palestinians are being bad to me some professors i have are failing me in allof classes i mean they arent giving me good grades on purpose plz help me


    Please break a family curse put on me by my late aunt which was for my late mother.What portion can I mix to have the curse remove I was 13 years old when the curse was brought upon me. I did have enough of the bad negative side of life
    Thank you
    Robert born 23/8/1955 Mother’s name Regina

  5. necronus says:

    i never believed in magic. but now i do. my grandmother promised my soul to the devil. and now i have no emotions and each day i grow more demonic. i have a demon inside and its growing stronger. i thought i could end it by ending my life. i thought wrong. the knife would not cut, the gun would not fire, the fire would not burn. its keeping me alive. if u would please tell me how to end this. contact me through email. [email protected]

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please I need help I feel that Ive been curse ever since I went to go see this lady and Now I feel ever since then its been nothing but bad things happening to me and its weird that my relationships also dont last more then a month I really need help please contact me at [email protected]


    Hi Rose

    Will you please remove the article ROBERT SWANLOW 29 JULY 2009.

    THANK YOU for your help and I am more posive about life

    THANK YOU once again.

    robert swanlow

  8. Trista says:

    I think somebody but a hex on our organic ranch, and it may cost us our lifes effort. How can I stop it?

  9. Sara Stewart says:

    Had a dream about my ex about a week ago. We have a son he knows about but has never seen by his own choice. He is Wiccan. I’m my dream he showed me a name. Arae, or aris? In my dream I was pregnant again with his child but we seemed happy. The dream turnas and I am pregnant with twin boys whom I can see in the womb. I think I loose one or both can’t remember. I think he may wish Ill of me and my son. I’d like the hex, or Ill wishing gone or learn how to remove it myself. Upon a bit of research Arae is a Greek goddess invoked when doing curses, which is the reason for my asking for help.

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