How do i make my spells stronger?

90 percent of all magick is intention. We can increase our concentration and strength by using rituals, these are developed more for the need for strength than to make spells work. Follow all rituals closely, and maybe look into the Gardenarian forms of practice; they are the most strict, consistent, and stronger rituals.

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  1. Wojtek says:

    I have a problem with magic spells formulars. How do I change femalish spell formular to malish? Or can I call myself or compare myself to Goddess thou I am male? Or do I need to change formular and call myslef a God not a Goddess? And if I need to change the formular cause I am male not female, then do I need to only change the way of saying on calling myslef a God and people brothers or can I just say it the femalish and it will work the same way? Cause most of the Wiccans are women rather then men and most of the spells are said the femalish ways.

  2. Bobbie Norcia says:

    I did like this for a few months and Yahoo blocked my account… thats sad I reached more than 1000 points over there.

  3. Jennell Schnarr says:

    Ryan, thanks for dropping by. I think you have a lot of potential selling your case-study mini-site. I hope I could build some profitable ones and flip and sell. Hope to document the process and take later.

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