How do I not cast black magick on others?

Is it possible to protect yourself from the risks of casting black magick spells on others?

Sometimes, on days when the world is not going my way, I wish there was! This is one of the most difficult realities of witchcraft. We learn that we have the power to change our reality, but we are limited by nature. Many a new witch has been tempted by the possibility of doing black magick and manipulating others to their will. Although there are no hard and fast moral codes in witchcraft, we are governed by some natural laws.

The Law of Return (also called the Threefold Law or the Rule of Three) governs everything that you do. There are many variations on this law, but it generally goes as follows:

Ever Mind the Rule of Three
Three Time Your Act Returns to Thee
This Lesson Well, Thou Must Learn
Thou Only Gets What Thee Dost Earn

The Law of Return is not a moral code. It is a statement of belief in the ways of the universe. It doesn’t say what is bad or what is good. So really you aren’t banned from doing black magick per se. But you must understand that you will receive three times whatever we give. The law of return is impossible to avoid. As a result any negative or black magick that you send out will come back to you.

Since magick comes from nature, the Law of Return is an extension of natural principles. In nature, we’ve learned that everything is connected to everything else and that everything must go somewhere. When you are requesting something from the Gods, there is a cost involved. And the nature of this cost depends on the nature of the magick. ‘White’ magick is not so much ‘good’ as it is in harmony with nature. And black magick is not necessary evil, but it is against the natural flow of things. As a result, nature is resistant to the requests of black magick.

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