How do I practice Wicca alone?

I am just starting my practis at the age of 15 and have hit every bump on the way. I have no mony to pay for traning or suplis. No one in my famliy has ever practised onr ever will. I am taking your mini cors but i have no idea how to make oils or eney thing. But heer is what i have dun 1. i have saved brithdoy candels 2.havested some locol plants a book on the basiks of wicca 4.i am making my own BOS from wood, leather, and paper that i make and now i need help from you. i know this is my path and it is not just a teen thing i am going through this is what i belevin and i need some one to help me. i hope you know what i meen. love and light Bradley Music

Greetings Bradley. Do not lose heart. There are many wiccans in the world who practice alone. As the power within us increases, our loneliness will disappear. There are many ways to find fellow practitioners of Wicca. You may check out the following sites to see if you can find any Wiccans in your area: One book that you will find very useful is Wicca: A guide for the Solitary Practitioner – By Scott Cunningham. It includes the author’s book of shadows which will help you a lot. It is almost like a teacher being there with you. The most important fact, however, is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You have the entire energy of the world at your disposal! maybe the first spell you need to work is the one which will invite love or friendhip into your life. You can create anything, you know that, don’t you? really doesn’t matter whether we have appropriate tools and supplies. What is more important is how we practice meditation, daily rituals, our thoughts, how we transform our negative thoughts into positive ones, etc. The change or our own energy into a brilliantly shining beacon for everyone around us should be our goal. It doesn’t matter how many times we have to try. When we give up worries and think only of success, it will happen! I hope you understand that you are perfect and the moment you believe it, magick will happen in your life. On the other hand, if you focus on what you don’t have or cannot get, then your life will be leaning toward the negative side. So be at peace with yourself and everyone around you with the knowledge that you have what you need, deep inside you. No one can take it away. Like a candle flame, you can share it with others without diminishing its power. Hope this helps. Brightest Blessings!

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