How do I remove negativity with spells?

Something is definitely wrong, for Mother’s day my children gave me two plants, and both died by the next day. Something bad is haunting me or surrounding me and I can’t get rid of it. I need help. Please Help. I feel a lot of negativity brewing in my life

It sounds as though you need to do a cleansing spell on your home, purify your body, release negative energy and start over. I highly recommend a trip to the ocean for the weekend, at least. The longer the better. I’ll bet you haven’t had a vacation in awhile, and your feelings of being overwhelmed have brought all this negativity into your life. Open all of your windows and doors, and burn sage in every room of your house (never leave anything burning unattended) Talk out loud about how you are burning the sage to cleanse the house and release any negative energy. Shut the house up and leave it until you get back from the water. If you don’t live close enough to go to the actual ocean, which is truly best, go to the nearest large body of water and swim in it every day that you are there, always focusing on why. You will fell much better when you get back.

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  1. lela says:

    I need for my niece to move out of my home asap.

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