How do I sever a bond from someone doing us harm?

Do you know how to reverse or terminate the bond between a student witch and her High Priest (my husband)? We feel that she cast a befuddlement spell that kept the truth of things hidden for years. Every aspect of our lives has been hurt by her – from jobs, money, and truth. We reached out to her 5 years ago, but she’s been draining our energies for years. Has anyone else ever come across anything like this? What else should we do to regain back control? Can you teach me anything that I can use to break the bond and regain our lifes? In sincere appreciation Love and Blessings. Panteress

Blessed be- I am wondering how someone who ranks as a high priest couldn’t take care of this matter themselves. It would seem to me that the first thing that needs to happen is that this student needs to be confronted, especially by her teacher. If you are part of a coven and want to make a strong impression, have the entire coven confront the student–in a loving way– do no harm, right? You don’t want to make it worse but you do need to put and end to this immediately. The best way to break the bond is to first do it physically.

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