How do I solve my financial problems?

Dear Rose this is not question “a Disperate call from women, iam not witch i didnot practic any of this but fourtunatly i got your web sit,i am in problem from all the side.i have to pay bills ,responsibility of house no support from family or spouse,child needs admition in medical,no money to pay fee,working but i cant full fill my requriment,you gave me your 7days minicours but i realy dont know how to perform them,i am always going through your interviw and people comments,i have strong belive that you will help me,so many times i tried to purchas your course but in this situation it is not possible i dont want my this letter to view by all it is just for you and you Thanks for being with me can you solve this please MEENA

Merry Meet Meena,
It is good to hear from you and know that you are a smart, wonderful person who is wondering how to solve her problems. Yes, most of us have challenges in life. One way to get through them is by using the power of our spirit. That is what is called Witchcraft. Simple, right?
You do not need to learn anything to get what you want from life. You have mentioned that you have a lot of bills to pay and get no support from spouse. However, in most countries, when a child needs medical attention, there may be hospitals where they will take care of children without payment. Hope you have a charity hospital which will take care of your child.
The best way to live life is to know that you are already taken care of. Our success is all in our attitude. If we sincerely believe that the Universe (also called God or the Divine) will take care of us regardless of circumstances, we will have no worries as whatever happens will be for the best. We have the powers within us to change our circumstances too if necessary. If you don’t like something that is happening to you (such as this lack of money) all you have to do is visualize with all your heart that money is coming to you. One way to bring money into your life is to GIVE money to someone else.
For example, if you need a 1000 dollars for a hospital stay, give five dollars to a poor neigbor or friend who really needs that money. Small amount given with love will help you amass larger and larger amounts for you. Giving to others always starts the money ball rolling. When we see that money is not coming our way for a while, the reason could be that we are not “giving” enough.
Hope you will use your powers of imagination and persuasion to move your life forward and get what you need in life with the help of the Universe.
Brightest Blessings

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