How do I strengthen my natural divination ablities?

You need to know in the beginning that learning divination takes more practice for some people than for other people. But, some people prefer to use it to save themselves from the pitfalls that befall us all. There are some individuals who seems to have natural abilities and can see future events much easier than other people.

Another important thing to remember is that these visions are not usually crystal clear. You may find that you need to interpret the things that you see. This is another reason why it requires more work to develop your skills and then your interpretive abilities.

This is a list of some of the different types of divination that you can practice.

Square of Mercury This draws on the power of Mercury and is used as a base for other divination forms.

Crystal Balls/Magick Mirrors/Scrying These tools are used to see into the future. There are times when the person will see full images and scenes within the reflection. Other times, only symbols are seen. Or, it may be fog or clouds that are visible.

Necromancy This is a tool of divination that is used to communicate with spirits of dead people. No one should ever enter into this practice without considering it seriously. Many people believe that the spirits of the dead hold answers to the past and future. This leads people to want to speak with them.

Bibliomancy – This form of divination is where you take a Bible or any other book or tome of wisdom, ask your question, open the book at random and read where your eyes fall on the pages. Another method is to use a needle and open the book, to pinpoint the place where you should find your answer.

Auguries The simplest explanation is the signs of nature and other happenings around you. This was used by many ancient shamans. They ask a question and then they wait to see symbols in nature, how the clouds moved, or the birds flew. These things determine the answer to their questions, and gauge what the future holds.

Ouija Board – It is a way to find answers from the past, present, and future. But, it should not be undertaken lightly. People fail to recognize they are opening a gateway between the worlds to communicate with spirits. If you decide to use the board, with it with the care and respect you would use with any ritual.


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  1. Anne Sybil Price says:

    After reading some of your archives, I would like to say that you give excellent advise, you have that person’s best interest at heart which is very refreshing and it has restored my faith.
    Do you believe the “Law of Attraction”?
    I am at the present moment at a cross roads in my life, not personally, but financially, I am in the process of closing a equestrian shop, and I am intending to pay all my creditors and start a fresh.
    I am forty eight, and I really want some guidance in what direction, I should go, for my personal happiness and for others also.
    My date of birth is: 28.11.1962
    Kind Regards

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