How do I summon a demon for more power?

who can i summon a demon spirit in to my sword for more power? Is there a summoning that i can do to put a demon in my body agine? thank you.

I think you got lost on your last video game walk-thru and came to this page by mistake. There is no one here who would tell you how to summon a demon, much less bind it into your sword or into yourself.

How old are you anyway that you think binding a demon into a sword would be a good idea? This just sounds like the beginning of a bad video game.

For the record, Wiccans and pagans do not bind demons. There is nothing evil in the things we do and we certainly do not teach children how to do evil things, even if we knew how, which we don’t.

Maybe your questions was meant as a joke as it really does sound sort of Final Fanstasy-ish. Maybe you have played too many video games and watched too many bad movies and really believe that witches ride broomsticks and deal with demons. We don’t.

We also believe that trying to acquire power just for the sake of acquiring power is an evil act. And, guess what…we don’t do that either.

Please, please do not mess with summoning magick. Summonings should only be practiced by very experienced people who know what they are doing and are doing it for the right reasons. From your questions, it is clear that you do not know enough about the Craft and Faith to be anywhere near a magick circle, much less summoning magic.

Read a book, play a game, watch a movie. But leave magick alone until you have taken the time to learn something real about it.

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  1. Ashlyn says:

    Excuse me but What you asked is just nonsense.

  2. Adam says:

    hahaha, so funny. this kid think to summon demon and put it on sword like ‘shaman king’ hahahahahaah,

  3. calvin says:

    …this thing he is asking is stupid… but it can be done. it is not out of the question of what can and can not be done… it should not be done. and if it was it would have a bad out come … but it CAN be done. there are countless rituals that a person that knows what there doing can do. more then enough to summon a demon and bind it into a object.

  4. jimmy says:

    now now dont be o hard on him your right witches and pagans dont do stuff like that but dont go about saying its not posible and to the kid with the question something likethat would be black magick so make sure u look under that catigory

  5. D says:

    If I asked the same question but not to bind it to a sword but lets say me what would you say???? I have everything that is need I just would like to see if it works I believe it but dont. so just askin how would I go bout doing, you dont have to tell me how just led me in the right path.

  6. Michael says:

    Binding a demon to a person can be done. But not just to the person though to there soul or spirit. It’s not very pretty though. I have had my own personally experiences with it to know that it can be done.

  7. Michael says:

    If you want more information about such a thing I can tell you. I won’t teach you how but I can tell you what will happen. [email protected]

  8. anna petros says:

    I would like to know for summoning a demon,ghost for asking past accident’s.Please give me detail with fully spell,i will be greateful to you for perpetually.
    anna petros

  9. Janus says:

    It’s surprising and somewhat interesting to me that so many people are talking about such advanced things, yet so much of what is written is incorrectly spelled.

  10. bringer of light says:

    summoning spirits is not hard or any more “evil” than any form of magick and is practically the same as summoning any other entity and many different methods but i warn you to treat them with RESPECT as they are much more powerful than you and by all means do not try to bind it to a sword or anything else because it would be foolish and you would undoubtedly fail and could anger them witch could lead to your demise so if you decide to go against my warning and proceed with extreme caution know the specific entity that you would be working with and call them in with what ever method you chose but be careful when using the internet because there are many wishywashy “witches” out there who claim to practice Wicca but in all reality are part of the newage movement and are characterized with saying “magickal” nursery rhymes that they claim hold power and use foolish methods that only work half assed although sometimes they are lucky enough to find methods that worked and talk to much about karma a word that true old aged wiccans never used a concept that binds only the believer if you see these consepts in your research I implore you to relize that thos methods may or may not work but the ropes of knowledge are so tangled that the methods and research into such methods will leave a new aspiring sorcerer confused i fell into the trap of new age and suffered so much confusion and set back that i warn you that if your serious about gaining power flee from those weak methods and find something that works

  11. jimmy says:

    who here can help me perform a spell? ive never bothered with this stuff but i want to try to see if it really works (nothing like the spell of luck, etc.)

  12. jimmy says:

    If you can help me , e-mail me at [email protected]

  13. dan says:

    i think they got the idea from the legends of parcaleus?{not sure of spelling} who was supposed to have a spirit in his sword, which he never took off except to sleep

  14. chris says:

    i have many questions to ask of a true wise one…… is that you? I would greatly appreciate some of your spare but valuable time.

  15. miguel says:

    I have one major question that has been constantly on my mind. I need to know. I have been having dreams about making a deal (pact if you will) with a demon and in return he would solve my financial problems. I feel he’s egging me on and I’m considering it. I just need to know what am I really getting into. What does he want in return? My soul? I hope not! Is it possible for me to make this deal and give him something besides my soul? Someone who can really help me please respond. Email me please. [email protected]. please before I do something I might regret. Please

  16. Gage says:

    Summoning demons is possible but I would say your crazy to try it. If your going to summon anything I would start small and work your way up. Still even experienced people would shun away from demon summoning.

  17. Darius says:

    Not a professional at any of this, but an an intelligent person who uses proper spelling and punctuation, I want to warn you about demons. Demons in general exist outside of time. This is not to say that they are inaccessable. Rather this is to say the are eternal. An eternal being is an interesting one. It doesn’t learn as humans do. A novice human will make a mistake that an experienced one will not. A demon on the other hand has an eternal wisdom… Which means if it can ever outsmart you, it can do it now. Wisdom dictates one should understand that there are limits, and someone truly capable of properly handling a demon will usually not only refrain from doing so on a whim, but will recognize the extreme danger involved in doing so. Demons are not Genies, and do not come “pre-bound” as it were. Some would say that demons aren’t evil.. Regardless, understand this: they are very powerful. Many demons would likely consider it a grave insult to be “handled” by a human, and are likely to respond accordingly.

  18. justaman says:

    im just a man who wants power n will do anything to get it i have seen things you would never imagine but through all my life i wanted this power tell me how ive done the propper research im no anime or videogame freak like most i hope god will forgive me however i need this i want to aspire man and live like a demon only to gain knowledge and power and if it means to die in the process or share a body with the unholy then it will be done

  19. mikey says:

    Hey justaman I’m a teen but I have been researching demons for about 7 years by online/old journals of people in my area have made long ago and all of them say exactly what these kind people are telling you, your probably think mind your own business but it’s true they are smarter then us and they can kill you easier then a hunter kills a buck. So how bout you seek help in something that can protect other people and your self a demon would just kill you or some one you love trust me I lost a cousin to a person that was “playing” with dark summonings and trust me you never for get it the person who killed him a ventally killed them self so please don’t mess with evil magic use good magic

  20. mark says:

    good magic and bad magic> come now> I will tell you a secret> Mikey, Justaman, Darius. there is a power that these demons have over you> you think you know yourself petty good inside out> we are like, well it’s hard to explain, demons are bad angels> 1/3 of them rebel against God but they failed> their knowledge is unlimited but their power is a different story> true power comes from the word of God> yes, they are trapped inside the hidden world waiting judgement> They seem very powerful but we have a stronger power inside us that they hate to the bitter core. Just like the devil knows his time is short> so do they! you can never win against them without the authority of the most High. dark forces can make people jump from building, kill others, and to see their real self>the truth can hurt> evil is not only evil but every foul thing possble. you don’t real want to know what evil looks like? it would put you on fire to know! Let your light shine that the devil will run from you>demons can’t stand the name of Jesus or anything holy>the faithful are protected under God but those who don’t believe or forget about God are….like ..under satans’ rule> no spell or black magic can harm me> for God is in my heart!

  21. qwyzl says:

    if demons exist, i don’t think they’re necessarily evil, just like not all people are evil. and “demon” means “of the air” or “spirit”, so i’ve learned. it’s derived of another greek word. and the bible and all it contains is relatively recent, meaning that all this stuff about demons and such goes back much farther. and many of the older stories are different from those in the bible. the snake in the garden of eden, for example, was based on a snake in a much older story that differed greatly from the one in the bible. and there was more than one god before the bible was written, and it was the supposed “good” god who wanted to destroy the people he’d created, while his brother was the one who wanted to save them, and did, as i recall. so all this stuff about demons being evil “fallen angels” doesn’t necessarily hold true, assuming demons actually exist. and if they did exist, seems to me they would be making their presence known a bit more widely. i would love to meet a demon, a nice demon, and just sit down and talk. bet one could learn a lot from them, and not just about things of a magical nature.

  22. Warlock says:

    First things first…summoning…no need they are all over and around us….talk to them…more like it!!

  23. IhaveSeenwithmyEyes says:

    I am very new to the Witches way, but what set me on the path, among a few other things of the like, was my Tia, she practices Black magic, she is very evil, and she has summoned demons before and I was witness to the results on one occasion.. I will Never forget, she had stayed up all night a few years back, and we were staying at her house while visiting my family in California.. My Abuela (grandmother) is a great Bruja, and my Tia has always been very jealous of the power, but Abuela says she does not have the same within her. My Tia decided she could get the power from a demon. I remember vividly,
    That morning, she was asleep on the couch and we were all just chilling around the house, from a sound sleep, Tia sat straight up and began to speak in what sounded to me and my family, for all the world like an old mans voice, coming from her mouth.. She was speaking on a language I have never heard, and her eyes were rolled in the back of her head with her eyelids wide open. The voice went on for what seemed like hours, and it sent the coldest chills crawling all over my skin. I was truly afraid, because whatever that was, that was not my Tia. After it spoke for a time, the voice let loose an unearthly shrieking moAning scream. Then she fell onthe floor as one that was dead, no life on her, we called for help, even called 911, careful to not speak of what had happened. Then she just sat up and had no memory of the whole experience.. My Abuela said that she had done an unspeakable evil, and to this day, Noone from the familia speaks to her, and she is alone, somewhere inCalifornia, and mi Abuela will not speak about her, nor see her. I cannot say for absolute certainty that it was a demon, but my friends, whatever took control of her body, was not of this plane. It was unnatural and evil. Not saying I believe all demons are evil, but trust me when I say, Whatever possessed mi Tia was evil. And from what I know from mi Abuela, that is Not our way. I beg of you, take this warning to heart, this is real, I have seen it with my own eyes, and heard it with my own ears. You gamble with more than you know, the expression “playing with fire” comes to mind.

  24. DV Monk says:

    to summon good spirits one is to only use low spells such as white magic demons are much more powerful and require blood to satifie its bond this blood does not need to be human i do repeat this as if human blood is used it might grow a taste for it instead use goats blood a common tool in the trade of black magic to summan a specific demon you also need its markings and black candles as if you use any random symbles you could end up summoning an unwanted guest

  25. Hanbe says:

    Well im a demon and i think none of you wat it takes to vanquish me. Hahaha im evil and theres nothing you can do about it.

  26. Hanbe says:

    Half demon

  27. vivien says:

    Have u never read the grimoires. King solom. One of the oldest books still left. sitting in a meusum in england.Some witches can and do bind spirits and demons to do their will. there are even names and summoning rituals to do this. I would never do it but it is possible. I do know people who do. I mean crowley is an expample of a binder. Do not disregard without research. I’m sorry to say but back in the day witches practice things that today people consider evil but back then they didn’t see it that way. They bind spirits to receive vesions. I’m not saying witches are devil worshipers they did and still do strongly worship nature.

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