(How do I summon a spirit?

Okay my name is Deanna i’m 16 years old ,to be perfectly honest with you I really don’t do magic and all that.But I have a /REAL/ question about magic,how do you sumen the dead?Becuase my Dad passed awawy the 26th would be 9 months and I reallymiss him.I mean I was always a Daddy’s girl so it’s hard to not be able to talk with him.So could you get me the spell to summen him.And if don’t resond to this i’ll understand. Deanna Meyer

Merry meet Deanna Meyer, It is good to hear from you. I can understand how sad you are about your father’s passing. I am sure you are thinking of him all day and sometimes crying at night because he is not with you. It is perfectly normal to do that. However, you don’t have to summon your father’s spirit to talk to him. The spirits come to you when you think of them. You don’t have to work a spell or anything like that. Try to remember him as he was in a happier time, when he would joke with you or tease you. Think of that experience in detail and imagine your father sitting next to you. I am sure his spirit will be there even if you cannot see him. Try to communicate with him. You may say whatever you wish to – out loud, but the answers many come as thoughts in your mind. You have to keep your mind very serene to hear the answers. Do not guess the answers, just think of whatever comes to your mind first. We believe that since you have a deep connection to your father, his spirit will always respond to your call. Remember to talk to him, ask him questions, tell him what happened at school, etc. And when you are ready, release him by telling him to move on. He probably has plans for himself, something like being born as a surfer on Waikiki beach or something like that :) So you can let him move on to his next “assignment” when you feel comfortable to let him go. Hope this helps heal your grief at the loss of your father. Brightest Blessings Rose.

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