How do I tell if I’m a solo practitioner?

Marry Meet Rose, I need to know that if I am a solatery Wiccan. Why do I feel alone on my travel. I live in A town that does not exsept me for being Wiccin..
So I feel alone.Rose what do i do to feel Ok with who I am?

Marry Part Gina

Merry Met Gina–

It can be very difficult to live in a place that doesn’t accept your belief systems. Being a solo practitioner can also be lonely, but you should not feel that you are alone. There are people all over the world who have similar beliefs and understand where you are coming from.

If you live in a place where there is no one else who follows your belief system, the best thing to do is what you’ve done here: reach out to other people online. You can always look for online forums with other Wiccans where you can discuss your beliefs and your rituals. Even solo practitiones sometimes want to talk to other people who have similar beliefs.

To feel comfortable with who you are, you need to make sure this is what you want. If it is, you need to do is find a support system. This does not have to be other members of the Faith. If other people in your community do not support the Wiccan life you have chosen, look for a group that you have other things in common with: a group that shares a hobby or interest–a knitting circle, a book club, a gardening group.

Even if they do not share the same belief system, a good group of friends can help you feel more comfortable with yourself and make it easier to live just about anywhere.


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