How do I tell my Christian parents I want to study Wicca?

Im 13 recently and my parents are strong believers of Christianity but Wicca is for me do you have any dvice on how i can tell them?

It is very good that you wnat to talk to your parents about your beliefs, but I must caution you that they might not understand. Many Christians believe Wicca to be completely evil and will not listen to reason.  If your parents fall intot his category, then you have no choice but to honor their wishes until you are old enough to move out and pursue your own beliefs.

To begin your talk with your parents, ask them to set aside a time to talk with you. Make sure that they are not distracted or busy with other things. Then, present them with the things that you know about Wicca, abut the tenets of the faith and why you believe them. The more clealry you can artiulate your beliefs, the more they will be willing to listen.

If they do object and claim that witchcraft is evil, do not try to pout, cajole, whine or throw a fit about their decision. You may ask them, politely, what is evil about the concept of doing what you want so long as it harm no other, Remind them that this is a lot like the Golden Rule.

If they resort to the idea that Wicca is evil because the Bible says so, you mgith want to refer them to a site called sacredtexts. com where people who believe in both Wicca and Christianity argue their points.

However, no matter how much you dislike their arguments, you must abide by what they say. be respectful. It is okay to tell them you disagree, but being polite and adult about it will only help your cause.

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  1. Ivy says:

    I’m 13, and my parents are christians, so i’m scared to tell them about wicca. There aren’t any bookstores about wicca near me though, so do you know any good websites for beginning to learn about wicca?

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