How do I tell my friends about my belief in witchcraft?

How do I tell my “friends” who are Christians that I am Pagan/Wiccan so in a way they will not instantly think I worship satan?

Let your friends know that Wiccan is a religious with various gods and goddesses. Satan is not one of those gods. You can explain the nature side of Wicca. The herbal details and the elements of nature are very much a part of the religion. It wouldn t hurt to quote the Wicca principle to do no harm. That certainly isn t a belief that Satan would support.

The origination of the supposed link between Wicca and Satanism started centuries ago when witches were burned at the stake and people assumed they sold their souls to the Devil. This understanding is perpetuated by some Christian individuals. They believe that any one who does not believe in the One true God must be worshipping Satan.

Wicca is unrelated to Satanism. The governing principles, rules of behavior, basic deity beliefs, humanity and the rest of the universe, system of morality and other beliefs are different from Satanism and frequently they are opposite beliefs.

One last point, Wicca uses a 5 pointed pentagram with one point toward the sky, while Satanists use this symbol turned upside down, as if pointing to Hell.

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