How do I use black magic on my lover?

How to use blackmagic to your love or crush?

Simple answer: You don’t.

Black magic is evil and I never recommend using it. Even if I did use it, i would never want to use it against someone I care about.

And, we don’t use white amgic on people we carea bout either, unless we have their permission.

As a witch, it is very important to understand that you cannot try to control the way someone thinks or feels. We believe that it is very important for every person to have freewill.

The most important thing that Wiccans believe is that “It harm none,do what thou wilt”. Taking away someone’s freedom of choice harms them. It is not an it harm none kind of thing.  Nothing is more important than a person’s right to be themselves. If you take that away, you are causing them harm. surely you don’t want to do that to someone you love.

Witches also believe that whatever you do comes back to you three times over. So, if you take action, cast a spell, on them to make them feel a certain way, do you really want three people to do that to you?

How would you like it if someone tried to force you to act a certain way? Would you want someone to force you to be in love with them?

When you are thinking about casting a spell on another person, the first thing you need to do is get permission and the second thing you need to do is ask yourself, how would I feel if someone did this to me?

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  1. blava says:

    Hi i am from Albania.My country is so poor
    i can not see so much people every day dying for food I want to teach me a good luck spell
    no for me but for me country with your help
    if magic is true i can do so many things…
    Thank you


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