How do I work on magick?

hi rose my name is emmanuel gyamfi l have interested to do it please l want you to show me how l can do it l need it now thank you.and this is my [email protected] l don’t have money to pay you l am looking for work if l get the work l will pay you.

Merry Meet Emmanuel Gyamfi,
Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay me for teaching you the wonderful way of Witchcraft. However, you have to promise yourself that you will not hurt anyone through witchcraft. Witchcraft or Wicca is one religion that is peaceful and exists only for the happiness for those who follow it. However, while making our lives prosperous and healthy, it would be wonderful if we could also at the same time help others who may not be able to get what they need.
For example, you may be able to make money using Witchcraft which in turn may be used to help the homeless, animal shelters, food pantry etc. Anyone, if they open their heart and wish for something will see that their wishes have come true.
There is no magick school you need to go to learn Wicca. Just get some books on Wicca and learn to mediate and make your mind still. When your heart is good and mind is still, whatever you wish will come true. Work on it and you will see that you have the ability to make yourself and your family happy along with your neigbors and then gradually the whole world.
Many of the world’s heroes were poor people in childhood. Through the use of mind and spirit enhancing exercises along with meditation and focus they have achieved what the majority of the people only wish for. Humanitarian heroes were not born like that. If you read their biographies, you will learn that many of them lived in poor families and had to struggle to rise up the ladder. One thing that is in common with all of them is the urge to get better in the right way and the deep altruistic ambitions they had. Such attitude makes our world a better place.
Brightest Blessings

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