How do they live with themselves after what they did in 1692?

How did they justify their actions after the fact that you’ve been hanged if you were a witch of 1692?

The entire problem was that the magistrate DIDN’T have to justify their actions–to anyone. And actually, the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692 came at the very end of the burning times. Europe had long since stopped stoning witches (more common than burning at the stake.)Search engine ‘the burning times” to read up on the reality of what happened.

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  1. Sarah Bowman says:

    I have been bothered of how these people were donoe in the colonial days just because they were different or sick and no one took an interest in their well being. I have seen a documentary about the hangings of the Salem witches and it all came from tainted flour with ergot. This website tells the story, so check it out: It truly upsets me that people were so ignorant in that time. It caused many to be hanged because it caused them to have severe cramping, foaming of the mouth, creating them to talk out of their heads, disfiguration of their faces, bodies and causing them to go crazy. The flour tainted with was some how traced back to overseas and could have been transferred to the new world by birds migrating. But anyway I have visualizations of these times and have always felt different then other people. My great grandmother as indian, not sure what tribe, because she nor anyone else would talk about it, but I feel that I have close ties to the witch realm and native american. But I can’t find anyone that can tell me why this is, but not only that I am named after my great grandmother. So this is long but sweet and that was the reason for the unjustly hangings in Salem and Connecticut.

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