How do we do witchcraft?

me and my friend katie really want to know how to do witchcraft and if we are witches please help us!!!!

Greetings Katie and friend, Witchcraft is done by using our spirit and belief in the magick of life. To be a witch, the first requirement is self-confidence. Everyone is born a witch, but most people are told that they do not have any powers and that all of our mind and will power belongs to an external entity whom we never see . However, witches believe that no such entity exists WHO will stay so far away from his or her creation and judge us later for using the very will power that HE gave us!!. We believe that we are born with all the powers we need to enjoy, live through and succeed in ife. It is all within us. So if you would like to do magick, learn all about it. There are many books that are available on the internet. Also, there are free spells on the internet with instructions on what to use and even what to say. Although chanting makes us concentrate more, we can also just visualize what we want and focus on it so that our thoughts become reality. Remember, all witches should follow the three-fold rule. This rule says that whatever we do in life, whether it is positive or negative, it is returned to us three-fold. So if we inadvertently hurt someone, we will get hurt really badly in the near future. Also, if we help others and do good things, we will receive joy many times over. As witches, we have to think very carefully before we do anything. If we help a friend by working a spell to get her a boyfriend, we could be making a big mistake if this boy already has a girlfriend. So by helping our friend get a boyfriend, we are hurting this previous girlfriend of his and her sorrow will rush back to us three fold. Although being a witch is a powerful blessing, we have to think very deeply before working spells. Hope I have explained the responsibilities of a witch very clearly. Brightest Blessings.

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