How do we know what life is all about?

There are many things people look at for an excuse to go through life without feeling powerless. People will resort to religion, luck, magick, witchcraft, or anything else to prove a point or to use as an excuse for something that has happened, will happen, or is happening. My first question to you is, how do you know? Do we ever know? Another question is, who is in charge or is it purely the magick that you believe in? Also do you believe in life after death? If I look at this question I think of the possible ways it could work. Perhaps there was a life after death. We would be destined to maybe Heaven, Hell, or another place. Either way, life would never end. We would be ourselves for eternity, and that does scare me. If The place after death is a wondeful place it would sound amazing. However living day after day, year after year, century after century, through endless time, again that does scare me. I didn’t want to live forever. It scares me when I look and see nothing but endless open spaces for me to fill. Or if you look at no life after death what happens? You see darkness. You are not finished, there is still darkness because somehow you have to still be around to notice you are gone. Endless time again which scares me. People believe in magick for many reasons. I choose to look into it because it is fun and not because I believe in it. Stories like Peter Pan, the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, you name it has something in many hearts because magick is so fun to exerience through the films. I wish I could fly and never grow up and have endless adventures. But ti wont happen. Magick doesn’t happen. The closest thing to real magic is mother nature. It is so amazing you can’t help but think you are in a magical place. I would really like to see your views about everything, not because you may be involved with real magick but because I love to hear what everyone believes and has to say. If we hear what others have to say our own way changes too making us accept other people and new ideas and not be afraid of them. Please get back to me. Thank you. Sincerely, Alex Bennett

Merry Meet Alex Bennett. Your email is very refreshing indeed! You are a very thoughtful person. Your curiosity will always help you. However, it should not make you scared. Think of all the scary circumstances in our life. How many do we even remember well? We got through it because they were scary only in our minds. Going to the dentist, seeing a doctor, writing an exam; all these experiences were once scary to many of us. However, when we experienced it, we realized that there was nothing to fear. Some of us know instinctively that life is beautiful! The trials and tribulations of life is a way to make us go through experiences that we came to the Earth for. As we look up at the sky, we see all these stars and planets far away in the galaxy. Do they look scary? To me, they look very peaceful indeed! The most fun part of life is the fact that we don’t know our future. What can happen is always a surprise. If it wasn’t, just think, how boring in would be! Instead of focusing on how boring life can be if it goes on forever, focus on the beauty of the nature as you have mentioned. When you feel scared about going around in circles life after life, think of how life evolves with every incarnation. It is true that most people don’t have a clear idea where they may go after death. Many religions have tried to explain it, but most of them fall short of what exactly will happen to us. However, Wicca believes that we have the power to decide when and where we go after death. Just as decide the direction of our life on Earth, we will be able to decide where to go next, which realm, what actions we want to experience in our next life and so on. It is good to think about our future, but don’t forge to enjoy the “present” :) Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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