How do you do love spells?

I am against performing some types of love spells. It is not right to try to control another’s feelings. If you are insistent to trying one, there is a wealth of books available on for such intentions. Remember that whatever you send out comes back threefold, and please, please, remember that very often spells of this nature don’t work the way you wanted them to–or expected.

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  1. kim says:

    i have a crush on this guy for so long but im too scared to talk to him. everytime i pass by he looks at me and i look at him. i feel like he feels the same way as i do. is there a spell i can use to get some answers? if i happen to cast one just to get some answers, if i come back to me as harmful ?

  2. Is there a way to get my first/ex-boyfriend back? he broke up with me because i was too quiet and i really cant be without him. Is there a way to make him fall in love with me again? and help me talk more and do better in school.

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