How do you know if your spell will be answered?

How do you know if the goddess answers you, and if your spells are going to work?

All spells work eventually, somehow. The trick is to remember that although you can predict the spell, using ritual, the outcome is out of your hands. Very often spells work with a little bit of a twist. That’s one of the reasons we believe that “first, do no harm.” That means that spells used specifically for personal gain can often backfire, as in love and money spells. As far as the goddess answering you, learn to look for signs that are earth oriented. To do this you need to learn how to be quiet, patient, and meditation helps.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Hello…I recently cast a spell to block negative energy towards me with the help of someone on-line (walk me through it) However, I ran out of money….I do not know how to finish the spell..

    I wrote “negative things” on one paper, covered with salt and purple wax. Added some water. I am to leave this for 3 days and then get rid of it.

    I wrote “positive things” on another paper, covered with sugar, red, green and white candle wax. I am to leave this for 7 days and then get rid of it.

    Also, I have a picture of my husband and I together wrapped in another paper with “positive wishes, our names, d.o.b.s) tied with red string. Then put under my pillow….I am not sure what to do next.

    Is there any way you can give me any advise? ex. How do I “get rid” of the papers with the salt and sugar?

    How long do I keep the picture under my pillow? Then what should I do????

    I am very afraid that I will mess this up…..please help
    Andrea Sones

  2. zenith apollo star says:

    3,7,9 are the numbers used in MAJICK. like say the affirmation 3,7,9 x.
    always ask god or the universe to bless your work.
    when you are done throw every thing away.waste it.
    then forget it .Go on with your day to day.Dont wait for it forget it.

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