How does casting a spell affect the caster of the spell?

hey… haw are you… um my question is some one told me that when you do spells on people or with your self it will return on you and there is a price that you have to pay is that thrue?

Merry Meet Seeker,

An excellent question and I am happy that you came to me for some guidance on this topic.

Spell casting and Magick work are not frivolous matters at all. On the contrary, it is immensely serious. You see, the way in which the Universe works, is that all the energy you direct, will return to you. Let me explain.

When you perform a spell, you form a connection to all the energies around you that will support your spell. You draw the energy in (like you would a deep breath), then you concentrate it (like keeping in the deep breath) and then you release it (like breathing out).

This release does not mean letting go. It is more like welding the energy you release with your intended outcome, thus making the outcome very powerful and strong. You, as the caster of the spell, become connected with the outcome on a karmic and spiritual level.

So, if negative energy is released, you will experience that negative energy in your own life and when positive energy is released, you will experience positive energy in your own life. Put simply, the curser will be cursed and the healer will be healed.

It is a boomerang effect.

In Witchcraft / Wicca, we bide by the Threefold Law: “Mind the Threefold Law ye should – Three times bad an’ three times good.” Whatever you put out, or in for that matter, will affect you to the power of three. There is also a strict requirement in the Witch’s Rede: “Eight words ye Wiccan Rede fulfill – An’ it harm none, Do what ye will.” For harm to anyone or anything – including self – is totally unacceptable behavior – not only by society but by the Universe itself.

I guess what I am trying to say is: Take every precaution and if in doubt, don’t. Hope this answered your question, dear Seeker!

Blessed Be!


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