How does magic work?

how dose the magick work?


Magic is based on the power of your beliefs and the energy that you put into them.

If you believe the magic is going to work, it will. The idea behind the spells is to focus your energy and the strength of your will into the spell.

Then, the actual process of casting the spell is simple. You can follow a pre-written spell or follow your own, once you know what you are doing. Generally, for Wiccans, you call on the power of the elements and the winds to assist the Lord and Lady in granting your requests. The key is to let the universe know what you are requesting and ask it to act on your request.

Here are some basics you should know about the way we practice magic:

1) Never cast a spell on someone else without their permission. You can ask the universe to assist people you care about, but magic relies on free will and you should not be imposing your will on others by casting on them.

2) Most practitioners believe that you should never cast for selfish reasons. It’s okay to ask the universe to assist you, but part of the Faith is taking responsibility for your own life.  That means finding spells to let the universe know tat you are open to assistance, and then taking the assistance that the universe offers.

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