How does one remove negative thoughts and gain love?

Hi Rose,
I know u r a very busy person. Read ur intro on the web. it satisfies me. to be true, i am a perfect beginner to witchcraft. but i have been on its trial for sometime. i know wat all i sholud do to keep it good.
let this be my first lesson.. can u teach me something on removing negative thoughts and gaining love..

urs faithfully,

Merry Meet Rahul!

Your question has two parts to it. The first deals with removing negative thoughts and the second one is how to attract love. Actually, these two questions have bearing on one another. We often hear that people say: ‘You are what you eat.’ J Well, the same holds true for your thoughts, you are what you think.

If you have negative thoughts all the time, these negative thoughts become reality. Getting rid of these negative thoughts will help you in your Witchcraft studies and it will also create positive energy around you, which will attract people to you and that includes love! So, yes, thought patterns are very important to address.

There are two ways in which you can start beating negative thoughts – and you should do both. The first is meditation and the second is being vigilant about what you think.

Let us start with meditation. Enter a meditative state and then allow your thoughts, ideas and emotions to enter your mind, not blocking these at all. The idea behind this form of meditation is to acknowledge the presence of thoughts, ideas and emotions – positive or negative. You take note of these and deal with each as a distant observer. In other words, you allow it in, you acknowledge it, observe it and then you let it go when you are ready. This form of meditation provides a greater understanding of self and empowers you in every day life by improving your responses to situations. You can also do an affirmation: “The positive energy of the Universe flows through me and manifests in my Life”.

Perform this meditation every day until you feel that you have gained mastery over it. You will experience improvements in your life as a result. And, Rahul, when you meet the right person – allow this positive energy to manifest in you relationship too.

In Love and Light!

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