How exactly do spells work?

Hi, I had a question about witchcraft and spells. Last year I made a mistake and had a spell cast on a guy to return him to me that I dated. He had gone back to his ex girlfriend but the spell was not a break up spell specifically but a return spell after a psychic told me they were not happy.When I did not hear from him then I figured they were happy and that the spell did not work and there was no harm done and maybe him and I were not meant to be. However, he contacted me a few months later and said they were having problems but then after that I did not hear anything else so I thought that everything was ok again. Five months later he contacted me and said they had broken up and she was engaged to someone else and he seemed very distraught. I realized the spell may have worked. I requested the spell be removed by a witch after I saw what it did. My question is if I request to have the spell removed will these two people get back together who were affected by this spell? I just learned about the 3 fold rule as I was told wiccans believe.Does this still apply if I ask for the spell to be removed? I spoke with another psychic about this situation and I was told the ex girlfriend who is now engaged is not in love with her fiance. I’m trying hard to right this wrong.I was very naive about spells and I won’t do them anymore but how exactly do love spells work?

Merry Meet Seeker, I am glad that you wrote to me. Yes, working a spell usually brings results. The three fold rule is the one and only rule that you need to remember when you cast a spell. Although there are smaller rules, all witches should abide the this golden rule to avoid a lifetime of problems. There is no way to know if the spell your cast resulted in your boyfriend losing his new girlfriend. However, you were under the impression that they were unhappy. In witchcraft, we always have to ask the person (or people) who are involved in the spell before we cast a spell that may affect them. This was something you forgot to do. Witchcraft works by moving energy. All elements in the world including the Sky, the Earth, Water, Fire, Air and other the living things on earth including humans are composed of energy. The vibration of this energy is what creates matter, which makes up almost all of our physical bodies. Some people are so sensitive that they can see our aura which is the energy field that is created by our body. When we move into another person’s energy field, we are trespassing on them. We don’t have to physically go there, all we need to do is to think of others and we begin communicating with them immediately. As you can see, doing a spell that affects two other people is not a good idea unless they agree to it. One of the consequences of your spell may be the heartache you are experiencing now. If you do something to mend the relationship, you are again, invading their space. So the only thing you can do now is to wait and watch how your ex-boyfriend reacts. Be his friend, do not ask too many questions, but let him heal on his own. Being genuinely sorry about our behavior also helps heal us and others who may have been affected. You can also do something good for others who may or may not be connected to this story. For example, you can go to an orphanage and work there for a day. Or go to a soup kitchen and serve the hungry people. Many of our actions bring us good tidings and may offset the damage we do unknowingly. Brightest Blessings Rose.

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