How good are you at magick? Can you help me get revenge?

I want to know how good u really are at magick. My family is heavily involved in the dark arts, and know it is destroying us. I was wondering if you could help me to get revenge.

What a curious couple of questions!  Even though it’s fairly obvious that this is a chain-yanking question and not a serious one, I’ll go ahead and answer as if it were.

You want to know “how good” I really am at magick?  I am “good” enough at it, child, to know when and when not to use it.  For example, I would never use magick to prove to anyone how “good” I am.  That would be a waste of positive energy, a frivolous use of the Craft, and it would be a slap in the face to the Lord and Lady as well as to my fellow Practitioners.  As a Wiccan, my life and path are devoted to unity between myself and my surroundings, myself and this Universe, and between myself and all others.  Somehow, I think that showing off what I can and cannot do would not fall under any of those categories.

I am “good” enough at my chosen path in this Universe that I shun grey and black magicks as the destroyers they are.  Of course, you’ve already said that your family is heavily involved in the “dark arts” and you’ve stated additionally that you realize that it’s destroying all of you.  While I am not unsympathetic, I am also not surprised.  The Wiccan Rede is “An it Harm None, do what Ye will.”  Grey and black magicks harm, in one way or another, the recipients of the spells and rituals.  The Rule of Three basically says that anything I do (whether positive or negative, good or ill) that affects someone else will return to me three-fold.  Since you and your family are using grey and black magicks, all the harm that is going out is returning to your household three-fold. 

You seem to realize this, and that is what makes your last question so unbelievable.  Can I help you get revenge?  Revenge on whom, your own family??  There is an old saying — “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”   Instead of thinking about revenge, you should be trying to think of a way to cleanse and purify yourself and get out of the dark.  You obviously have read my site, and know that I am a Wiccan, a practitioner of white magick only.  And still, you would ask me to help you with something as dark as revenge??   You should know better.  No thank you, child.  I have no desire to have anything like this return to me three-fold.   And shame on you for asking me.

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  1. Kuni says:

    Hi Im new here and I really need your help ok one day in school last week I got suspended for fighting a boy but he started it and he did hurt me. see he’s telling people I got slammed by him but I didn’t and I just want us to b friends again I don’t like having enimes and I don’t like people hating on me so please help

  2. Kuni says:

    is there any way i can do spells without a candle my mom want let me use candles and I want to d a wish spell and other spells

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