How many kinds of magic are there?

“How many kinds of magic ARE there? Ive heard of black white and gray. Are they true?”

Merry Meet!

… and THAT, my dear is a really good question! I am going to try my very best to answer it well. J

There are only two main types: The one is Magic and the other is Magick. Magic is the David Copperfield type of magic, where sleight of hand, optical illusions, mirrors and mass hypnosis are used to create a special effect for the entertainment of an audience. It is really WOW!  Magick with a ‘k’ is an ancient Craft through which practitioners alter and manifest reality by engaging with Deity and the natural forces around them. Shamans and witches, amongst others, practice this type of Magick.

But that is not the whole of the answer …..

Magick is not black, white or grey. It is completely neutral. Let me explain by using an example:

Water is neutral. If add salt to it, we call it salty. If we add sugar to it, we call it sweet. It is not the water that is salty or sweet though. It is the salt IN the water or the sugar IN the water that leaves the salty or sweet taste. The water remains neutral.

Magick is no different:

Scenario 1: You want to help your sister find a boyfriend. You carefully plan a spell, making very sure that you will not manipulate free will or cause harm to anybody in the process. You cast the spell asking the Universe to send her a (still unknown) nice and kind person, that will make her happy and that she can make happy in return. Your intention was pure. You made doubly sure that no harm will be done. You thought the spell through carefully. This is White Magick … in other words Magick that has a GOOD and POSITIVE flavor.

Scenario 2: You want to help your sister find a boyfriend. You plan the spell well, but unintentionally omit putting all the necessary precautions in place to prevent manipulating or hurting others. You cast your spell, asking the Universe to make the young man at the bank to fall in love with your sister. It happens BUT your sister thinks he is a geek. He is hurt. You did not mean for him to get hurt and thought that you were doing well. But you did hurt him and did not really do well. This is Grey Magick … in other words, Magick that BORDERS ON NEGATIVE Magick.

Scenario 3: Your want to help your sister find a boyfriend. You plan the spell well. You noticed that one of the girls at work has an awesomely handsome and well-to-do boyfriend that you feel will be perfectly matched to your beloved sister. You cast a spell to get this man to fall in love with your sister and add that anything standing in their way should be removed. The man and his girlfriend have an argument. In tears she races from his house, into the street and gets run over by a car. She dies. He falls in love with your sister. This is Black Magick … in other words Magick that has a NEGATIVE flavor.

I do hope that this answers your question!

In Love and in Light!

Blessed Be!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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  1. Ashlyn says:

    I’d also like to say that Grey magick is Magick with a good intention but turns out to be bad.

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