How many Witchcraft paths are there?

I’ve studied witchcraft for a long time now and only now i’ve realised that there is many more forms of witchcraft than i know, how many are there?

There’s a bit of debate over how many different types of witchcraft there are. It depends on what you classify as witchcraft. Some lists include up to 35 variations of the craft. There are some basics though, that most pagans readily identify as being part of the tradition. Here’s a brief overview:

-Alexandrian-A tradition established in the 1960s by Alex Sanders (called the ‘King of Witches’). Alexandrian traditions emphasize gender polarity and some elements of Qabalah and ceremonial magick.

-Asatru-A movement that is attempting to revive the Norse paganism of the Viking age. It was established in the 1960s and early 1970s in Iceland and and focuses on the Norse Gods and Norse practices of pre-Christian Scandinavia.

-Ceremonial Magick-Characterized by ceremony and a focus on ritual and proper tools. The most famous Ceremonial Magick is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. It draws on the occult teachings of Qabalah, Enochian magick and Thelema.

-Dianic-A feminist form of witchcraft that worships the Goddess only. The Dianic covens are generally female only, and is similar to traditional Wicca in practice.

-Druid- Modern Druidism is a reinvention of the Druidism of the Ancient World. The follow the beliefs and practices of the Ancient Celts.

-Egyptian-A pagan tradition focusing on the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

-Enochian Magick-A system of ceremonal magick that is based on evoking and commanding various spirits. Practitioners use a table of correspondences and follow the Book of Enoch.

-Gardnerian-Considered by some to be a fundamentalist Wiccan path. It requires a strict adherence to the procedures outlined by the founder, Gerald Gardner, in the mid 20th century.

-Greco-Roman Tradition-This path worships the Greek and Roman Gods and follows the basics of Wiccan tradition.

-Santeria-An African based religious system that combines the worship of Yoruban deities with Roman Catholic Saints.

-Shamanism- Practitioners of shamanism, called shamans, explore the boundaries between the visible and spirit worlds. The practice centers on meditation and communing with nature and animals.

-Wicca-Wiccans view Divinity is all things, and worship the Goddess and God. They observe the eight Sabbats of the year, and have a Wiccan rede as their code of ethics.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, or even a complete description of these forms of witchcraft. But it does give you an idea of the diversity that exists in paganism.

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