How to attract good luck in life

Hello! Since ive been a kid i have this bad luck. Ive been trying to establish balance since but no luck:) Do you have any idea how to turn bad luck into good luck. Thank you for your time

Greetings! All of us have bad luck at one time or another. However, if we feel that bad luck is always with us, we have to do something to get rid of it and invite good luck into our homes, right? Here is an ancient ritual performed to drive away bad luck. It is a bath which helps cleanse our bodies and spirit of all negativity and infuses us with hope of a brighter future and visions of prosperity and joy. Blend together a mixture of Calamus and licorice. Add other magickally potent plants such as Vetiver or Oil of Bergamot to this mixture and use a base of Castor oil or jojoba oil to make Command and Compel Oil. Gather some basil and spearmint and make a strong infusion with the two potent botanicals. Add the juice of one lemon to it. Throw in a tablespoon of sesame seeds and a teaspoon of flour too. Additionally, stir in a teaspoon of the above Commanding and Compelling oil too. Now fill a bathtub with warm, clean water. Holding the infusion in a bowl, carefully get into the tub. Standing in the middle of the tub, pour or ladle this mixture over your head and into the water. Chant: Bad luck, GO AWAY Good luck, COME TO ME Sit down and repeat the shower by taking the bath water and pouring it gently over your entire body. As the herbs and oil remove the negative energies from your body and your spirit, you will feel very refreshed and hopeful. This will bring good luck into your life. Brightest Blessings.

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