How to Become a Wicca Wizard

A wizard is someone who is intensely skilled in Witchcraft. This is obviously not an easy task. However, with determination, hard work and a noble heart, one can become a wizard at anything.

Magick starts within you. You have to not only believe it, you have to live it.

Look every day, every moment and everywhere for magick in your life. Encourage people to do their best and always be positive. Make things happen by believing in others and working your best in everything you do.

Our mind is what makes us a wizard or a coward. Those who believe that we are powerless will remain cowards. Those who believe in our own magick, our powers of clairvoyance, reception and psychic powers will be the most powerful wizards of today and tomorrow.

So where do you start? You may start by studying all the books on Wicca that you can find. You may find them in your neighborhood stores, used book stores, library and online at the various websites where they have discount books and pre-owned books.

Wicca has been around for a very long time. Its roots are in the Roma traditions and the Druids who came to teach them magick. It has come to embrace traditions from other countries and cultures so that Wicca is now accepted internationally.

A natural way of life for the entire world! That is what Wicca means to the progress of the world.

To improve your wizardry, there are just three rules : practice, practice, practice.

As you work on spells and learn more about Wicca, you will find that just thinking of something sets it into motion and Abracadabra!  Your goal has materialized!

Learn to cast a circle, find your inner and outer sacred spaces, use your powers to keep only the good energies in the circle. Access and enhance spells with more entities such as the Elements and the Goddess and God if you wish to do so.
Make your spells more powerful and more positive.

Work for the good of all humanity.  Think of this mantra:
“Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavantu” which, in the ancient language of Sanskrit means “Let all beings in all of the Universe be happy”.

Work hard day and night to keep everyone around you happy. That includes humans, animals, other living beings as well as inanimate things. Learn to respect nature to the tune of the tiniest atom that is part of the sand beneath your foot. Feel the magick in the atoms of everything that surrounds you!

The less you focus on yourself and the more you focus on others and their happiness, the easier it will be for you to succeed in everything you do. And then, one fine morning, you will realize that you are indeed a powerful wizard.

You have indeed accomplished your goal!

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