How to blend Christianity with Wicca

First, I was raised a Christian and still, to its most basic core, have faith. At bout age 15, I began to also practice witchcraft. (Theres a long backstory to that which I won’t bore you with). At age 19, I was basically scolded both by someone of the Christian faith telling me I was going to hell and a Wiccan telling me I couldn’t be both. Confused, I tried staying with my Christian faith; making profession of faith and everything. I would, however, still practice some magick because I was drawn to do so. Once married, though, I completely gave it up so my husband wouldn’t find out. (He’s not very opened minded to these things). For the past six years of our marriage, we’ve experienced nothing but problems and bad luck and I feel it’s because I turned my back on an important aspect in my life. I want to start practicing again and am currently regathering spells and all the other stuff, but I don’t know how to talk to my husband about it. Please help. Just a little note: Anyone who asks you about trying to blend Christianity with Wicca, a good piece of advice is to search themselves. I have always seen God as having a female side, so appealing to the Goddess was never an issue. Remember that God created man and woman so he has to be a she as well. Also read through the bible and let your heart speak. Many things have been added or removed to fit with different dogma. There is magick and divination used often and it is a gift given by God. I see many of the stories as cautionary tales, not as gospel truth. I wrote my own path to God and I am more at peace with my Christian beliefs than I have ever been. I see Jesus as the son of God and Goddess who came and performed the ultimate spell by dying to bring the world back into balance. It seemed as if the world was overcome with negative forces. When I need to recentre myself and bring my own life back into balance I speak with him. I, to a point, still believe in an afterlife. I feel that how you live as a person will affect how well your afterlife will be. For example, if you live your life causing harm and hurt to others, your afterlife will be full of hurt and you won’t experience the peace that others will. I have never beilieved in the physical heaven and hell…Just a thought in case someone wants to know what another went through in their journey of blending.

Merry Meet Friend, I am so happy to hear from you. It is very difficult for most people who were raised in a different way to suddenly start using their will power to create something. However, you seem so “aware”. Awareness is knowing that our life will be okay, regardless of how people perceive it. Awareness is higher than just “tolerance” as is taught in many countries. Why just “tolerate” other religions when we can learn so much from each of them? There are many good tenets in all religions. Otherwise they wouldn’t have so many followers. It is only when a religion proclaims that their’s is the ONLY ONE way that people are tempted to leave it. When we can have it all, whey settle for less? Christianity is a beautiful religion. There are many who live by its tenets, especially the one that says “Love they neighbor”. Well, no one cares if your neighbor follows another religion. Nor should it matter if we accept their way of life too. When there are conflicts in religious dogma, it is best to take the humane route, knowing that we are all brothers and sisters. That is the only way this planet will survive. You are so right. No one should tell us what to do, especially after we become adults. We should be able to combine whatever beliefs we have about spirtuality, the unseen , life, death, etc. It is not easy to hide anything from people who are close to us. It brings about a lot of stress and we may make ourselves sick. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences while trying to blend two ways of life. Don’t worry, most of the peopel in the world now believe in re-incarnation. Check out: Of course, this doesn’t mean people are falling off the religion wagon; it just means that people have started to take ideas from different religions and using the ones they think fits their intelligence. And this is exactly the direction the world is going in. Thank you for a wonderful discussion. Brightest Blessings. Rose.

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  1. Dolores says:

    since I remember I can sence or feel and see dead people specially my father and husband, but I can feel fear as well. since my husband passed away I can still see him at night and in my dreams……………Now that I’m dating a christian man it is less of the dreams an apparitions of dead peaple and occults. My question is that if I can still practice magic even that my boyfriend its against it

  2. Joanna says:

    Dolores I don’t see why not. If your husband doesn’t accept it then he’s not accepting who you are because this gift is a part of you.

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