How to cast a circle

I am reading this book about witch craft and it says how to cast a circle but it does not say if I have to draw a circle or if I use props and I am so confused so if you could please help me thank you

Greetings! Learning as much as you can about Witchcraft is a great idea! I am glad that you are trying to follow the steps that are mentioned. Many of the steps that are mentioned in spells are there to increase our awareness of our psychic energies which in turn helps us focus on our intentions more deeply. Casting a circle is a very important step that helps us clear all the negative energies around us while keeping the positive and powerful energies with us before we release them to go out and carry out our wishes. There are no rigid rules to cast your circle. You may use your Athame, wand, broom to mark the circle. Some folks use rocks, twigs, herbs, candles or just their fingers to mark the circle (Our hands are very powerful ). The most important thing to remember is that all the items you need for the spell is on a table inside the area where your sacred circle is planned to be. Using the item chosen for casting the circle, walk in a circle (about 9 feet diameter if possible) starting from the East, going South, West, North and East again. Some witches repeat this three times. Once the circle is closed, you have to stay inside until the spell is done. While you are walking around the circle, make your intentions loud and clear by saying something similar to “I call this circle for protection while I commune with the God and Goddess” or “I call this circle for healing” etc. If you have to leave the circle before the spell is complete, then you have to “cut” a door using the wand or Athame (or finger) and also make sure you close the temporary door after you re-enter the sacred circle. While casting the circle, you could invite the Goddess and God and the four elements to guide you in this spell working. When you have completed the spell, remember to open the circle by walking in the reverse direction. Also remember to thank all the entities who guided you in this spell and set them free. Outdoors or indoors, it does not matter. You are free to cast your circle in as many ways as your imagination will take you. Hope this helps! Brightest Blessings!

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