How to CLEANSE crystals

HI, I’m learning Wicca and have lots of stone and crystals and I’d like to know if I can cleanse them/recharge them with filtered water? It doesn’t rain much here and I use them alot. Also, no streams, I live in the country. After I cleanse them, I put them in sea salt. So, my question, can you cleanse crystals and stones with filtered tap water? Thanks so much, I have so many to cleanse. Becky

Merry Meet Becky. I am so glad to hear that you are learning and practicing Wicca. Good for you! There are many methods by which you can cleanse your stone and crystals. However, you have to know which ones can be placed in sea salt as salt can sometimes damage certain types of crystals. Sunlight is also great for cleansing certain gemstones but it can damage others. So here are the different ways of cleansing them: 1. You may bury the stones in the ground overnight. Make sure you bury them separately and also mark the spot where you are buring them to be cleansed by the Earth. Make sure that animals don’t get to it. If you are not comfortable burying the stones on the ground, try getting a pot of soil indoors and burying the stones in it, spaced apart from each other. After you remove the stones, you may leave the pot in sunlight to remove all the negative energy embedded in it after the cleansing. 2. Expose the crystals to moonlight. Moonbeams are benefical to all types of stones and crystals. Waning moonlight is the most beneficial. 3. Crystals may be cleansed by the Sun. However, some crystals such as Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, etc. can get damaged by the Sun’s fiery rays. If you are not sure what crystal you have or what effect the Sun may have on it, follow another method of cleansing. 4. You may bury your crystal in a cupful of dried herbs such as sage, frankincense, myrrh, rose petals and sandalwood. Remember to leave them in for a couple of days and re-fill the cup with fresh herbs for every use. 5. If you have frequent rains in your area, you may collect and use the rain water. However, if you have any chemical companies in your neighborhood, the air may be filled with chemicals that may harm your crystal. 6. You may burn desert sage and pass the crystals through the smoke for a powerful, healing cleansing. 7. You may substitute Florida water, Notre Dame water or Marie Laveau water or Holy water for your cleansing. Above all, your own visualization, belief and intent are the most powerful medium of cleansing for everything around you. Do not worry about not having spring water or sea water. You can make any water holy with your own intentions. Just take a cup of your filtered water and hold it in your hands while whispering your intentions and charging the water with your own powers. Nothing is better or more powerful compared to our deepest and strongest intentions. Hope this helps answer your question. Brightest Blessings.

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