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Hi Rose, my name is Shelby & I am 17 years old. My dad committed suicide March 21st, 2001 when I was 10 years old & I don’t have any closure. I’m going to counseling now & I’m starting to understand things better because I’m getting older, but there is still an empty feeling in my heart. I know deep down inside my dad is doing well & in a better place, but I need to hear him or see him. Something…you know? I feel bad, because I don’t even remember his voice. I tried a spell called Dream of One Who Has Passed Through the Veil & it didn’t work. I really want to talk to him & I need that closure. I want to move on & be able to know that he’s okay. I haven’t had the best years since he died & I feel like his spirit is missing from me. =( Please help.

Dear Shelby, It is very unfortunate that your father decided to leave this realm when you were 10 years old. I am glad that you are going for counseling and you are getting better. Here is a spell to summon a spirit. Only benevolent spirits or Angels will show up and you can communicate with them earnestly. Hope this spell will hlep you communicate with your father and set his spirit (and yours) at peace once and for all. Remember to write down what you need to tell him or ask him. Light a white or silver candle. Have a dish filled with honey to attract angels. Announce your intention and ask for angelic blessings. Ask for a go-ahead signal for you to proceed. Relax completely. Take a few very long breaths if you have to. You have to completely relax now. Burn some frankincense to enhance your powers of clairvoyance. Look in a mirror. Imagine you are not looking at yourself, but at another entity. Look beyond the image in the mirror. Remember to relax if you see something move or change shape in the mirror. You may see faces, lights or your angel. Communicate earnestly and discuss your thoughts and desires. Stay as long as you are relaxed. If you feel tense or scared, thank them for their presence with gratitude and tell them that you will be stopping the ritual, but will be back soon. Cover the mirror with a velvet cloth or keep in a silk pouch and use only for this purpose in the future. Hope this helps you communicate with your father or your angel who will help you. Bright Blessings.

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