How to control another human being

dear rose i am praveen i am in other country and not in my native contry so i cant do any thing so please tell me a magic trick to make some one as remote in my hands b cos my friends wife is torturing him here we have done every thing we can but no change adn i think this is the last way and i want a strong magic trick to make her a remote in my friends hand ok please do it for my friends sake . please give me a simple trick but it should be powerfull and permanent please i believe in you and my friend believes me ok please i kindly request u reply me as soon as possible thank you

Greetings Pravin, I can understand your dilemma at seeing your friends suffer. There are many things we can do to make your friend’s relationship with his wife better. First of all, magick is very personal. It is most effective when the person himself creates an environment where his wishes will come true. In our magickal practices, we do not try to control another; we simply do our best to make another person see our point of view, the old fashioned way. You can try several things for your friends’sake. 1. If you want their relationship to succeed, help them respect each other by seeing them individually to discuss what has gone wrong. Respectfully listen to them and see if you can help them by helping them with suggestions on how to make their marriage better. 2. Help your friend understand why his wife is not happy or “torturing” him as you have mentioned. No person in their right mind will hurt another unless they feel threatened in some way. 3. If the wife feels that something is lacking (opportunities to go out and work or having a baby, etc) then she may act out in self-defense or in anger. Then they need to see a therapist. The husband needs to know that women now-a-days do not like to be home bound or controlled by a husband and that she needs to decide what to do with her time. If the husband married her for a reason (like wanting her to take care of his business, etc) then his wife may not be willing to do that. 4. Ask your friend to talk to an adult he knows at work or at a religious place. When you have found the reason for this behavior, research the right ways to deal with it and guide your friends toward a happy life. You can do a spell for their happiness too: Light a white candle (for peace) and sit in front of it. Light any incense you may have such as sandalwood or vanilla. Close your eyes and visualize your friends talking and laughing with each other and looking at each other with love. On a piece of paper, write down your wishes for them. Fold the paper and hold it in your hands while you chant: O gracious Goddess, May Peaceful joy fill the lives of and This is my will; So mote it Be. Allow the paper to burn and release these wishes into the Cosmos. Also, Pravin, things may not be as they seem. Getting a person to have complete control (remote control as you say it) is not a good thing. Remember, when we do any spell for others without their knowledge, we incur Karma debt. Your concern for your friend may be blinding you to the fact that they are two adults who have taken the vow of marriage. They need to work it out so that both are happy and contented. Even the thought of controlling another can cause bad karma. So keep wishing them well and offer to help them both without taking sides. Hope this helps sort out your problem. Brightest Blessings!

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