How to find a job

I need a spell to put some luck in finding a job and in giving me the courage to make a life altering decision.

Merry Meet Seeker
I am sure it is not easy trying to get a new job. Many people start their businesses when they are confronted with piling bills, late rents and less money coming into our lives. One of the major reasons for any type of difficulty in our life is the lack of good karma. Although karma means “action”, it is the sum result of all of our actions; good or not so good.
When life gives us troubles, we have to wonder what we did to hurt another or what we have not done to help others. So going to a child shelter or a pet shelter and spending some time with the children or animals can give you a big boost of karma.
Also, be very positive when it comes to finding your job. The more hopeful and relaxed you are, the better your new job will be. Here is a spell to give you an additional punch to get that job.
Job Candle Spell
For this spell, you will need a copy of your resume or CV. You will also need some honey, Van Van oil (available in stores online or in occult stores), an orange candle, a few gold sparkles and some magnetic sand (also available in occult stores or online stores). This spell needs to be done at the New Moon.
Step 1: On the back of your resume, write about what type of job you would like to work on. Add important details such as the name of a company that is likely to hire you, the type of co-workers you wish to have, the kind of room or place that you would be sitting in, etc. all the way to the lunch room and parking space.
Step 2: Now brush the resume with honey all over it and then sprinkle magnetic sand on it.
Step 3: Now fold the resume nine times so that it becomes very small while visualizing your goals again very strongly.
Step 4: Pick up the orange candle and dress it with the VanVan oil while you actually SEE you going to work and experincing your goals for real.
Step 5: Now roll the orange candle (that has been dressed) in gold sparkles.
Step 6: Put it on top of the resume and light it, making sure that it is on a steady level surface.
Step 7: Spend some time in meditation while you see your goal coming true.
Brightest Blessings

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