How to find other witches

my name is bianca since ive been a little girl ive been upsessed with being a witch before i restart my quest i need to know are witches real or is just some story that been passed to children just a stories and if it is how can i become a ture witch and how can i find others lide me

Greetings Bianca. It’s very nice to meet you. I can tell you that witches are very very real. Our way of life has been recognized by the governments in many countries, notably the USA. We have the freedom to express our religious feelings as well as the freedom to help anyone who is interested in learning our religion. The old stories about witches were all written by people. These are just like fairy tales which talked about dead sleeping beauties who wake up when a prince kisses them or girls with braids so long that princes can climb up two stories using them as support (imagine the girl’s headache? :) As you can see, these are just tales, or stories and many of them may show witches in a negative light. I can assure you that most witches I know have only the utmost respect for everyone else in the world. We stand for peace and harmony and will do everything in our power to preserve the Earth’s environment. We plant herbal gardens and try to use less of the man-made stuff. We try to take care of trees and wildlife and do not hurt any animals or birds or any living beings for that matter. As witches, we are bound to taking care of our environment and using our own energies to create bounty for all. You will find that most witches are happy, energetic, positive people. If you would like to find witches near you, look for covens in your area by going to the website If you cannot find any, then google your town + Wicca or your town + witch and see if any good links show up. Many witches have online blogs and you can keep in touch with them via email. Also, some witches keep their Book of shadows or personal journal online to share it with others. Hope you will find many witches who will help. Brightest Blessings in all you do!

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