How to fix an incorrect timing for a spell?

Ok heres the problem…I did a spell last night (7/1/2008) to help my lover forgive me for something, and to also allow us to let go of eachother if we cannot work through this and it wasn’t meant for us to be together. I truly love him and will never force anything that wasn’t his will but I think I didn’t choose the right moon for the spell…The night I did this it was the day before a new moon…So now I feel as though I probably jumped ahead of myself without really thinking about the timing…I think my feelings lead me…Not with bad intentions, just maybe naive…I also made the spell myself if you need that info I can give that to you as well…Blessed Be!

Merry Meet. I believe that you do not have to worry about the spell. You can wait for two weeks and see how it goes. The power of your intentions are what makes your spell work. A positive environment, tools, auspicious astrological timings such as phase of the moon, the day of the week, the time of the day, etc. may enhance the power of the spell. However, your spell may still work depending on the force of your intentions even without all of the other conditions. If I forget any aspect of a spell, I wait for a few weeks and see how the situation develops. If it is not going the way I want it to, (provided that it is not intended to hurt anyone) I will repeat the spell under more perfect conditions. Don’t worry, you will be relieved to know that most people forget one or two of the key requirements for successful spell working (unless we are experts at it and have been working on spells for a long time). The most important point to remember is that we should never, ever work a spell that will hurt anyone. If we so harmless spells, the most damage any spell can do is to “not work” in which case we are probably back to where we started, nothing gained, but nothing lost either, right? Hope this gives you some relief. Happy spell working! Blessed Be.

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