How to get back on the Friday email list?

Dear Rose: I was a student of yours and have lost track of you because of no internet. I so miss receiving your friday emails and really need them back to re-set me and the path I’m following. Also, when you and I left off, I had asked you if you had came out with anymore teachings. I’m so interested in purchasing anymore literature that you may have available. I also just met a new neighbor, and she too is on the path. I would like to tell her about you as well so her and I can begin study together. My old email was [email protected], maybe you can find me that way. Please put me back on your friday email list so I can join in again on spells and learn more of your teachings. Let me know if you have any new courses. Thank you Rose! Stephanie

Merry Meet Stephanie, I am so happy to hear from Wiccan practitioners who have taken the time to learn from my magick course and also are willing to tell me about it. I am glad that you came back to this site and told me about your problem. It is indeed my pleasure to invite you back to this forum. As you know, I am very busy with my practice and my family duties. So I have asked my computer experts to make it easy for others to get free spells every Friday. All you have to do is to visit the following site: To the left of this page, you can enter your email address and name so that I can send you wonderful new spells every Friday. You can also read the questions that people from all over the world have asked and the answers I have given for them. I love to give detailed instructions for each of the spells that I consider very powerful. Most spells also include tips on the perfect day on which it is the most effective, the items that you may substitute as well as the actions that you need to perform, all with the tiniest details. Hope you will now have internet without any problems so that you can learn more of my tips and teachings without interruption. Enjoy working on the spells that will bring prosperity, health and joy to you and your family! Brightest Blessings Rose.

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  1. Luz says:

    I was kind of surprise to stumble upon your website. I am starting your 7 day course and that is all I can afford right now, my marriage of 21 years is going down the drain one day a very loving and caring man went home to visit his family and when he came back I did not know him anymore. He is still here but, not really. He goes every three months back home and does not want to take care of us. No money, no affection for me or my children only sometimes he shows the way he was and then as if he remembers that he is supposed to be mean he stops. All of this because of a lie his family told about me and my children when we went there by ourselves. I keep getting seriously ill and I am very afraid his sister said once that they will have him and it would be over my dead body.Thank you for reading this I had to vent and when I heard your voice it was soothing. I also can’t put an altar unless is portable, he is suspicious of everything I do according to him I have done witchcraft to keep him all the 21 years. You know that it takes too much out of oneself to keep a man for that long without free will, it is also bad. It can come back to hurt you in the long run. I believe in the Three fold law very much, my mom always told me to heed it. She is dead but I will never forget it. She was a witch that healed a lot of people I wish I knew how. Her spells were in her head never wrote anything. How I wish she was here.

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